House Renovations

We have teams of designers and builders who will advise you on numerous aspects of a house renovation project, some of these will include:

  • An assessment of your current structure and how best to proceed with your house renovation project
  • How to stop current issues with the existing structure
  • How all the demolition work will be carried out
  • Dealing with any existing damp issues
  • Drainage plans for the proposed house renovation
  • Any access for site vehicles that might need to be allowed for
  • How the current structure and any proposed changes will be made weathertight
  • What to expect when first fix work starts
  • The process of plastering and time to allow for drying
  • Once first fix has been done second fix can commence, we can run you through this process

For further details on our house renovation prices call or email today and we will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

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